Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stopped by Nevada Highway Patrol, Larry Turner, K6RHA

[Editor's Note - While Larry Turner, K6RHA did not get a ham callsign license plate with a space in it, he was pulled over by the police who had trouble finding his DMV record due to DMV's software defaulting to put a space in ham callsigns license plates. The space stamped on the plate is only part of a longstanding problem DMV has not addressed].

Hello everyone.

Very interesting stuff. Last year we were stopped in the Nevada desert by the NHP. When he ran our license, K6RHA, it came back as "unissued". I told him this could not be the case and I even showed him my ham license, registration and insurance card all indicating the same. After 20 minutes of many radio calls, which we were monitoring in the car, he actually called the DMV in Sacramento from his cell phone. We waited another 10 minutes for a return call from Sacramento with the reason that in the computer system for DMV our license place shows it as "K6 RHA" and not K6RHA.So the instructions to me were that if we were stopped again to always mention that our plate should be inputted with the space between the 6 and the R. The good news is that after all this the officer apologized and sent us on our way without a ticket for going 95.

73's to all.


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