Monday, January 7, 2008

Space In-Front of Callsign, Mike Shirely, WB6WUI

In April 2007 I purchased a new pickup and decided to replace my old
blue ham plates with the new reflective plates. I have had the blue ham
plates since the early 80's when I received my new ham call. After many
phone calls and visits to the Redding DMV Office I received my new ham
plates in the first part of December. When I took them out of the DMV
brown envelope I was surprised and mad when I discovered that they were
NC6 A. Upon returning them to the Redding DMV office and explaining to
them the problem with the space they called a supervisor in Sacramento
to find out about the space. The Supervisor told them that a new
federal law just went in to affect that required the space. I asked
what a federal law had to do with state vehicle license plates and they
said "because we accept federal money and have to do what they say".
They also told me that there was going to be a recall of all California
Ham Plates and new ones would be reissued with the space.
So after seeing all the different stories that the CALIF. DMV has told
hams I feel really offended that a state agency has lied to me.

Don Borden NC6A

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