Monday, January 28, 2008

Doubts of DMV Change in Policy, David Towle, W6VNQ

From my perspective DMV has not caved, as yet, and if they had it would bejust like a bureaucratic organization like DMV not to publicly announce their being wrong. Based on the call from Senator Aanestad's office there has been no resolution. When Martha from Aanestad's office talked to Martha in Assemblyman LaMalfa's office there was only a discussion regarding La Malfa's office talking to DMV and they were waiting for the result of that meeting. Yes, I remember the issue during the campaign.

ARRL can send out all the emails they want requesting we stop writing, but until they provide some evidence that they are in fact in negotiations with the State I will continue to write letters and talk with my representatives. Why the secrecy? They are very open in issues of antenna restrictions and BPL. Like I said earlier, I will not believe DMV has "caved" until I have the correct plate in my hands.



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Anonymous said...

Well - I don't know that the DMV has caved, but I can at least get to the point of checkout without getting "Unavailable" errors. At this time though, I am not going place the order until I know that the plates will be processed as ordered.

73's Rich - W6SRA

NOT - W6 SRA :)