Friday, January 4, 2008

Pulled Over by Cops, Cops Can't Find Callsign License Plate in DMW Records: Bill Johnson, AB6UI

I have been pulled over a few times as well as my 16 year old son (two times), by the police, only because they said they could not find my "AB6UI" call sign plates (No Space) in the DMV database. Once I showed them my licence and registration I was free to go. But the officer said I should check with the DMV. So the next time I was down at the DMV (getting my younger son his first drivers licence) I stood in line and asked the clerk to why the police can't seem to find my plate in the database. The first clerk could not find it either, the 2nd clerk, a proclaimed expert in such matters also could not find it. Finally the supervisor came over and asked if they were HAM plates and found it quickly. I asked if there was anything I could do to make the process of looking up my plate by law enforcement easier and he said NO. Obviously something needs to be done in order for law enforcement to be able differentiate between HAM license plates and other series license plates. Maybe a logo of an antenna tower but not a space.


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