Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kong Lew's, KG6TN Gets Call from DMV

[Editor's Note - While the following is encouraging, it is not public notice or written notice of change. Where Kong speaks of a law maker, it actually was a DMV Manager who put the spaces in our ham callsign plates.].

Hi, Cliff,

My name is Kong Lew (KG6TN), and thought I would pass the word to you that
I will be receiving my California plate without the space in it.

I also have the same situation as you encountered. Each time I buy a new
car, I go ordered a new ham plate. Sometimes it come with a space, but I was able to
go to DMV and reorder a new one. Until last March, when I bought
another new car, and the ordered plate came in June with a space.
After many tries at DMV office with no luck, I called Sacramento many many
times, and worked myself up the supervisor/managers with in the DMV
division. They brought up this space issue in their meetings, and just
not able to convince the law maker to fix the space, they even called
FCC who indicated space is fine if the state choose to do so.

Anyway, after three months and out of the blue, DMV special plate unit
manager Teresa Crockett called me this morning, and informed me they now could
order plates without the space, and will order me a set of plates.

BTW, all ham call after the number would be a space, not after the 3rd.
I was told when DMV clerk enter a code for Ham plate registration, they're forced
to put a space after the number, and plate maker make it accordingly.
That was how the mainframe was coded back in 1970's and no one

73 de KG6TN <--no space

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