Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doesn't Want to Order Plate With a Space -

Dr. Cheng -

I am very upset over this issue - as I had planned to wait until after the holiday season to order my plates 'W6SRA' only to discover this issue. I had tested it in the fall, and found that it was available, and looked at the various backgrounds with my wife to decide which plate to choose, and then we decided to wait, and now this! Please let me know how I can help - I searched for my local Reps, and found that they are:

Member District Number and Office Capitol Office
Cox, Dave
State Capitol
Suite 140 Room 2068
Sacramento, CA 94248-0001
(916) 783-8232
(916) 651-4001

33C Broadway
Jackson CA 95642

1020 N St. Rm 568
Sacramento, CA 95814

2094 East Main Street
Quincy CA, 95971
(530) 283-3437

Assembly Members
Member District Number and Office Capitol Office
Niello, Roger

State Capitol
Suite 501 Room 6027
Sacramento, CA 95841 Sacramento, Ca
(916) 349-1995
(916) 319-2005

I am teaching a Technician course starting tomorrow in Folsom, and I have over 70 people signed up, the last thing I want to tell them is that California has blundered again! Let's turn this around!



Rich Asay, W6SRA

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