Thursday, January 10, 2008

Complaint to Assemblyman Duvall by Jim Lokken, AF6EC

January 10, 2008

Assemblyman Michael Duvall
210 West Birch St.
Suite 202
Brea, CA 92821

Dear Assemblyman Michael Duvall,

I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator with call letters of AF6EC as assigned by the Federal Communications Commission. California Vehicle Code section 5005 provides for special license plates for displaying these call letters. This section says in part: “The special license plates shall be affixed to the motor vehicle for which registration is sought and, in lieu of the numbers otherwise prescribed by law, shall display the official amateur radio station call letters of the applicant as assigned by the Federal Communications Commission.” Unfortunately, for some reason that makes no sense, the Department of Motor Vehicles has begun to put a space in the series of call letters. Hence, my plate was issued as AF6 EC. These are not my official radio station call letters, but a meaningless series which I guess one could order as a personalized plate. At any rate, it is an insult to the amateur radio operator, many of whom provide emergency communications during local and regional catastrophes. How would you like to be addressed as Assemblyman Micha el Du vall?

For many years, DMV, was issuing plates with call signs exactly as assigned by the FCC. Now they say that a space is needed so law enforcement can identify amateur radio operators? Why is this necessary after 20 years and why do amateur radio need to be identified at all. If for some valid reason this identification is necessary, why not use some additional symbol on the plate. I hear one state uses a lightning bolt. No other state insults the amateur community by putting spaces in their call signs.

Please assist us by getting the DMV to issue license plates as per regulations and without insulting its patrons.


James Lokken
xxxxx xxxxxx xx
Yorba Linda, CA xxxxx

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