Saturday, January 19, 2008

News Item, 1-19-08: This Week in Amateur Radio (TWAIR)

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Here is a summary of the news items and special features covered inEdition #770 of "This Week in Amateur Radio", and "This Week in Amateur RadioHeadline News". North Americas premier on-the-air audio news magazines, forthe week ending January 19, 2008. This week's edition of This Week in Amateur Radio comes to you anchored byJay Silvio, W9WMU, reporting from our southern news bureau in Richmond,Virginia, and by Mark Phillips, G7LTT, reporting from our metro news bureauin New York City, by Wayne Nelms, N4DCL, reporting from our mid-atlantic newsbureau in Asheville, Pennsylvania, and by Larry Guerrera, W2LAG, reportingfrom our metro news bureau in Jehico, Long Island, and by Rowe Hudson, KO4PK,reporting from our southern news bureau in Naples, Florida. Mixing, editing, and additional anchoring by George Bowen, W2XBS at ourheadquarters facility in Albany, New York.

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HEADLINE NEWS VERSION of This Week in Amateur Radio runs 62 minutes. SPECIAL PROGRAM NOTES: * Closed circuit advisory and weekly program promos are available as a separate audio file download.

CONTENT:-------Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition:

01. Solar Cycle 24 is here!

02. Wisconsin amateurs respond to provide communications in tornado aftermath.

03. The Ducie Island DXpedition team is gearing up for February activation.

04. California Department of Motor Vehicles says it will not fix the spaces in new ham vanity callsign licene plates.

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