Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Follow-up Complaint to Assemblyman La Malfa, David Towle, W6VNQ

January 15, 2008

Hon. Doug La Malfa, Assemblyman District 2
2865 Churn Creek Road, Suite B
Redding, CA 96002

Subject: No Space in License Plates

Dear Assemblyman La Malfa:

The purpose of this letter is to follow-up on the letter I sent to you on January 8, 2008. My reference is the last paragraph on page 1, continued to page 2, last two sentences (“Based on prior time frames I expect to receive the new plates sometime late February. Until then I will not know if the plates will be as requested or not”).

I received a phone call around 1:30 today, January 15th, from a Technician in the California DMV Department of Registration processing department. I was informed that the paperwork I submitted in early December, 2007 at the Woodland DMV office could not be processed as requested. My request was for consecutive letters/numbers and centering on the plate. The Technician said that she was aware of issues "operators" in California had with spaces in their license plates so she checked with her supervisor before contacting me. She also said that the plate will still be identified as an Amateur Radio plate; however, the call sign would have a space. My response to her statement was that currently Amateur Radio license plates do not contain any markings to identify them as Amateur Radio plates. I interpreted her silence as being surprised at my statement. A new plate as I requested will not be issued and the one currently in my possession (W6 VNQ) must be used.
Any assistance you can offer in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Harry David Towle, W6VNQ

xxx xxxxx xx

Arbuckle, CA xxxxx

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