Sunday, January 6, 2008

DMV Decieves Don Borden, NC6A


I ordered my plates at the end of April 2007 and received them in December 2007. NC6 A

I see one reason the DMV says for the space is "for law enforcement to recognize ham plates". If this is a problem why not do like alot of states do and that is to put "AMATEUR RADIO" on the plate.

After complaining the Redding DMV office contacted a supervisor in Sacramento who said that the space was required by a new federal law. I asked what's a federal law have to do with the state and was told "we receive federal funds and have to do what they say". I was also told that the DMV would be recalling all ham plates and reissuing new ones with the space. What a bunch of liars!!!

Don Borden NC6A NOT NC6 A
Redding CA

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