Friday, December 21, 2007

Wrong Callsign, "DMV Computer Requires Space": David Towle, W6VNQ

Hi Cliff,
I too received a replacement plate with a space (W6 VNQ) and right justified when I turned in my old call sign plates (KD6VNQ). I submitted the request to my local DMV office and in about 3 weeks the new plates arrived. However, the plates call was N6VNQ, with no spaces. I took the plates back to the same DMV office and they reordered the correct plates. Another 3+ months and the new plates arrived, W6 VNQ. Back to the DMV office. I was told that a new computer system had been installed a while back (no time period given) that required the space. The person also showed me the section on amateur radio plates in their field manual. It called for a space after the number on 1 x 3 calls. I called the main DMV registration office in Sacramento and was told that it was not a new computer issue, but it had always been required that amateur radio license plates had a space in them.
My registration has a space. I checked with numerous hams, 1 x 3 and 1 x 2 calls that did not have spaces. However, their registration had a space.
I then took my "spaced" plates to another DMV office in another county and after some discussion the office manager explained to the person helping be how to write up the request so that new plates would be issued with no space and centered on the plate.
I have a draft letter to send to ARRL as well as my state representative. Based on what I understand is taking place I will hold off. If I need to do something different in regards to signing a petition please let me know. I will also forward the EMCOMM newsletter on to others.
David, W6VNQ

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