Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update - Awaiting DMV Written Response, Mid-Dec. 2007

Dec. 12, 2007. Assemblyman Mike Feuer's Office, Josh Englander, says DMV will write a response letter which will justify its policy of placing a space in FCC issued callsigns.


Dec. 18, 2007. Assemblyman Feuer's District Director Alex Ponder called Dr. Cliff Cheng, WW6CC, to tell him that their office has asked the Director of the DMV to respond with a written policy statement on ham license plate spacing.

Cliff sees the next few weeks as a chance to influence the DMV Director:
George Valverde, Director
Department of Motor Vehicles
2415 1st Avenue, Mail Station F101
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 657-7393 (fax)
If Mr. Valverde is thinking ahead, he will not want to take on a fight with ham radio. This is not a wsie fight for him as a political appointtee. It is not in his best interest to have State Assemblypersons, State Senators and the Governor, who appointed him, getting letters of complaint over what the lawmakers would see as a trival issue - when DMV has more serious issues, such as driver's licenses for undocumented individuals (illegal aleins). We must convince Mr. Valverde to reserve the policy and dismiss it as an error his low level employees made without his knowledge.

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