Saturday, December 15, 2007

Newstory: Amateur Radio Newsline, Dec. 14 2007

N e w s t o r y
Amateur Radio Newsline
Dec. 14, 2007
If you live in California, have a four or five character callsign and apply for call letter license plates, you will be in for a surprise when they arrive. That’s because the manufacturing process is designed for six digit plates and you will likely find that the state has inserted a blank space after the third character. According to Cliff Cheng, WW6CC, he found out the hard way when he got his new call and applied for new plates. When he got them they read WW6 space CC. In the past when applying for California ham plates you could request that the Department of Motor Vehicles run the suffix together without the space. Now that alternative has gone away.Curious as to when the option disappeared, Cliff contacted State Assemblyman Mike Feur's aide Josh Englander. He told WW6CC that this is a new policy as of a month ago. (WW6CC)

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