Saturday, December 15, 2007

Complaint to DMV: Howard Levine, Esq., W6CGA

Howard S. Levine
xxx xxxxxx xxx
xxx CA xxxxx

December 14, 2007

Office of the Director
Department of Motor Vehicles
2415 1st Avenue Mail Station F101
Sacramento, CA 95818


I am an Amateur Radio Operator licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and assigned call sign W6CGA.

In August I purchased a new vehicle and immediately went to the DMV office in Arleta to order personalized Amateur plates for my vehicle. When I received the Registration in the mail, it showed the plates as W6 CGA, with a space between 6 and the C. I then went to the Van Nuys office of DMV and spoke to a supervisor about it. She made a telephone call and I was told that was how the plates look on the registration paperwork, but the physical plates would be W6CGA with no space. Several weeks later I received the plates and they had the space.

I went back to the DMV in Van Nuys to complain and was told that the plates would be re-done without the space. I then received a telephone call saying that your office now mandates that there must be a space. WHY? Our Federal licenses do not have a space and neither should our personalized plates.

Please revoke your ruling that there must be a space and have my plates issued as the FCC issued my license.

Very truly yours,



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