Sunday, February 10, 2008

DMV Calls Steve Gibson, K6KGO

Hi Cliff,

I have an up-date for you and other hams. I received a telephone call from DMV special plates unit in Sacramento last Wednesday (2-6-08) and the technician that was calling asked me if I would like to have my ham plates reissued "without the space" in the call sign. My response to her was, of course, yes. She told me that she would place the order for me and that no follow-up paperwork would be required on my part and I would not be assessed any additional fee for the plates. She then told me that if I had already placed my 2008 registration sticker on the rear incorrectly configured plate (which I had) she would send me a new registration card with a new sticker. I was very impressed by DMV on this one. They recognized the error and then called me to get it corrected all without burdening me with extra paperwork or fees. I hope you and other amateur radio operators will benefit from this information. Please feel free to post either or both of my email messages. And thanks for getting the ball rolling on this issue, I for one appreciate it.


-Steven Gibson, K6KGO

Lake Almanor, Plumas County, CA

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